New way, New value with TRIART !!!

We decided to enter into the IT related business on a full-scale basis in September 2017. We signed a business partnership with TRIART Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Iizuka, Fukuoka; hereinafter TRIART), an R&D-based venture company originating from the Kyushu Institute of Technology as the first step in this initiative. We are continuing to work hard every day to sell various advanced technologies developed by TRIART in Japan and overseas.

Poject Overview

Miidel Operation Screen
Miidel Operation Screen

We are also working to develop new business based on the fourth industrial revolution in this project. In addition, our business partner TRIART specializes in R&D linked with universities and scientific societies. It is a company with advanced development capabilities and results in cutting edge fields, such as solutions to prevent the leakage of information for Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc. We are looking to increase the sophistication of marketing the technologies that TRIART has developed by undertaking these sales activities.

We started selling the Miidel image analysis difference system that can be used in construction, civil engineering and other sites as the first step in our business partnership.

Miidel is a system that can compare and check drawings without humans for the fine tuning parts of drawings that need to be checked by professionals. The system is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) functions that automatically adjust the scaling and distortion of drawings to achieve this.

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to check changes that have been made to drawings in the construction industry. Meanwhile, subtle changes to drawings are often overlooked. This results in a massive impact on quotations and construction costs. There have been many cases where this has led to a squeeze on profits and an extension to the construction period. Miidel is able to compare thousands of PDF drawing data output from CAD and scanned data at once. Furthermore, the system is also able to output the state of compared drawings as a PDF, so it is also easy to fine tune the compared drawings.

Sojitz Kyushu will take the opportunity of this business partnership with TRISTAR to speed up sales of innovative technologies that have a high level of superiority even on a global basis, such as TRISTAR's security technologies and IoT/AI related technologies currently under development. The Sojitz Group plans to proactively engage in overseas development, including in Asia, by taking advantage of our business base (e.g. our distribution network with results in other countries in addition to Japan) and human network.

Overview of Our Business Partner TRIART

Company Name TRIART Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Kentaro Imazu
Business contents IT solutions business, IT consulting business, Internet media business, information design business, etc.