President Message

As a General Trading Company that links Kyushu to the world, we strive to be a company that grows hand in hand with Kyushu.
Sojitz Kyushu Corporation President Atsushi Koda

As our company slogan, we embrace the ideas of “Connect, Integrity, Connect Empowerment, and then go to the World,” and this slogan carries sentiments that are shared among all our officers and employees: to forge links between people, companies, the global economy and culture with the spirit of “Integrity and Sincerity” expressed in the Sojitz Group statement, to widen the doors between Kyushu and the world, and to be a company that continues to forge a path forward with members of the local community.

Sojitz Kyushu Corporation is a community-based trading company whose operations cover a territory spanning the seven prefectures of Kyushu and Okinawa, with headquarters in Fukuoka and branch offices in Nagasaki. Kyushu has long prospered as a gateway of economic and cultural exchange with mainland China, the Korean Peninsula and Southeast Asia and today offers a wealth of human resources and solid infrastructure for a broad scope of business activities ranging from primary to state-of-the-art industries. Utilizing the geographic advantage of basing locations at the long-established and leading trading ports of Hakata, Nagasaki, we engage in a wide range of business activities linking Kyushu to the world.

To further promote trade with countries in Asia and around the world and cater to diverse needs in various fields with precision, while forging ties with the community, earning the trust of local customers and enhancing regional lives and industries, we will continue to pursue operations as a truly community-based trading company affiliated with Sojitz Group.

Through steady efforts to put the Group’s statement into practice, we seek to attain coexistence and mutual benefit between our corporate activities, society and the environment.

We look forward to your continued support and understanding.

Sojitz Kyushu Corporation President Atsushi Koda

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